Leadership Change on Prosperity Now's Children's Savings team

After more than fifteen years of leadership in the children’s savings movement, Prosperity Now’s Senior Director of Children’s Savings Carl Rist will take on new organizational responsibilities as a Senior Fellow, effective July 1. Shira Markoff will become the new director of the Children’s Savings team.

Carl’s leadership on children’s savings at Prosperity Now extends across the entire lifespan of the Children’s Savings Account (CSA) movement and includes key contributions, such as leading Prosperity Now’s efforts during the initial demonstration of CSAs—the SEED Initiative—starting and growing the 1:1 Fund; launching the Campaign for Every Kid’s Future; and authoring numerous reports and publications.

Shira has become a widely-recognized CSA expert since joining Prosperity Now in 2013. She has provided technical assistance to emerging CSA programs across the country; led advocacy efforts to promote CSA policies at the local, state and federal levels; and wrote Investing in Dreams, the CSA design guide.

We thank Carl for his leadership of the Children’s Savings team and congratulate Shira on her promotion.

The Current State and Future Evolution of Information Management Systems for CSAs

While working with communities on their CSA programs, our Children’s Savings team is frequently asked what kind of management information system (MIS) options are available to CSA programs and what should programs select?

The resulting conversations about information management, as well as the CSA program survey showing how programs currently manage their data, led to a new report, Zen and the Art of Information Management: The Current State and Future Evolution of Information Management Systems for Children’s Savings Accounts. [Read more]

You can also listen to the June 4 webinar Prosperity Now hosted, “Everything You Want to Know About CSA Info Systems,” which delves into the report’s findings and includes practitioner insights.

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