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A Busy Legislative Session for CSAs Ends Five Themes Shaping the Growth of the Children's Savings Movement

More than 50 Children's Savings Account supporters meet in Washington, D.C. to advance the field; and the Campaign for Every Kid's Future releases a new brief to provide the latest information and guidance about new 529 rules.


Updates from the FieldUpdates from the Field

College Spark Washington awards Tacoma Housing Authority a $135,000 grant; 1:1 Fund partners participate in its Graduation campaign; and St. Paul Mayor Melvin Carter establishes a CSA task force.


In the NewsIn the News

New legislation allows low-income families to save for college without losing access to public benefit programs; and the publication Next City publishes a feature story on CSAs.


Welcome New PartnersWelcome New Partners

Welcome to our newest Campaign for Every Kid's Future partners!


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